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TIPS For Reducing Your Total Cost of IT Ownership
28 Feb

TIPS For Reducing Your Total Cost of IT Ownership

Everyone likes to be in control. Whether it be at home or work, the feeling of uncertainty is not particularly pleasant, especially in regards to money. However, as is life, sometimes things awry. The furnace breaks, your garage door won’t open or someone backed into your mailbox.

At the office the problems can be even more critical and costly. A leaky roof or being without power can severely dampen output if the staff can’t work in the building. And what if your IT network suffers a glitch, stalling your data and communication, making it impossible for employees to perform important functions?

This is where your total cost of ownership (TCO) comes into play. Your IT infrastructure is, perhaps, one of your most necessary business investments and one of the most expensive. It can also be one of the most unpredictable.

The speed at which technology advances can also be its hindrance. Trying to stay caught up with the latest innovations can be like running on a hamster wheel. You’re always moving, but not really going anywhere. So how do you ensure the money you’re putting toward technology, including hardware, software, upgrades, maintenance and IT staff, is worth the cost?

Embrace it

Playing hide-and-seek with technology isn’t good gameplay. Technology will always win as it isn’t going anywhere. Rather than running from it, run to it. Embrace it. Do your homework and use it to transform the way you do business. Technology is a tool that can disrupt the old-fashioned way you conduct operations and open up new channels for growth and communication. If utilized strategically, you can stay ahead of the curve while still lowering TCO.

Consider an MSP

Your top move might be handing the reins over to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), or IT expert. This will give you a sense of security as they handle the network upkeep and can better gauge your technology needs while keeping costs down.

Do the math

It’s difficult to manage, let alone reduce, your TCO if you aren’t entirely sure what it consists of. What adds up to your total cost of ownership? Software, licensing and equipment maintenance and human capital are the main components of an efficient infrastructure. Finding cost savers among them can dramatically cut your TCO while still letting you forge ahead with your business goals.

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