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Easy ways to Secure your Network
25 Apr

Easy ways to Secure your Network

As an information technology leader and a Managed Service Provider, it’s our responsibility to educate you on IT and network issues. One of the biggest challenges all businesses struggle with is security. It is such a broad topic that you can write countless blogs/eBooks about it ad nauseum. Today we’re narrowing the subject down a bit and giving you some easy ways to secure your network.

Whether you have a traditionally wired enterprise or your company has gone the wireless route, these pointers can ensure you stay safe from multi-layered threats.


Have a plan

Security problems can arise out of nowhere so it’s smart to have a plan of attack to take care of them as swiftly and sufficiently as possible. Develop and implement a security plan that includes security policies, system/data identification, response protocols, training, disaster recovery and other crucial components. That way if you encounter a sudden hazard, you are ready to eliminate it.

Use the right tools

You might have the best security plan in place, but it won’t do you much good if don’t have the right tool setup to make the plan successful. Security programs and applications can range from firewalls and anti-virus protection to data/device encryption and two-factor authentication.

Hire an expert

Not to toot our own horn, but at ITC we take pride in the service we provide our clients. This includes ongoing network monitoring and maintenance. As a tech expert, we’re aware of all the loopholes in your network that exposes you to risks and can adequately close them. A professional in the field is able to assess the situation and successfully maintain your company’s confidentiality and operating ability with proper solutions.


More businesses are turning to a wireless infrastructure nowadays. A wireless network is beneficial for many reasons, such as:

typically costs less (great for small businesses with limited space/mobility issues)
easier to maintain (no manual/physical connections)
greater flexibility (can use on mobile devices/bring in personal computers)
However, along with convenience and cost-saving capabilities, wifi connections can pose greater security threats than wired ones. Luckily, there are steps to take to lessen your danger.

Shutdown your network

Many people disable their wireless internet at home when not in use, so apply the same strategy at the office. Set a time outside of normal business hours where the wifi automatically turns off to help prevent hackers from penetrating your security defenses and outsiders from piggybacking off of your connection.

Apply updates

New cyber threats and malware pop up daily. Just when you eradicate one problem, another one begins. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do its risks. That’s why it’s critical to routinely update your software and firmware (ex: router) for the latest protection.

Wifi placement

How and where you position your wireless networking broadcasting device can significantly impact your security. Strategically placing your wifi access in a way that prevents outside leakage can give you peace of mind and better protection.

Change defaults

Many devices in your wifi infrastructure have an administrator account with a default username and password. As simple as it sounds, many businesses forget to change the defaults, making a breach of privacy that much more likely. Change all default settings every so often. A rule of thumb for setting hard-to-break passwords includes a random sequence of letters, numbers and characters.

In addition to changing your admin login settings, also change your default network name upon setup to avoid senseless attacks. If you already have your wifi network up and running, yet never changed the default name, take the time to go back and make the switch.

Keep on keeping on

In this day and age, vigilance and proactivity is key to remaining in your “safe space.” However, at times, if you are overwhelmed with other business obligations, or lack the necessary expertise or experience to stay atop network security concerns, extra help is warranted. ITC Communications is available for you when you need us, 24/7. Contact us today so you never have to worry about network security again.